The Reilly / Carey Family History

Carey Family Crest


Seek out the names of our ancestors. Find out who they were and where and how they lived.
To rekindle the thoughts of those who once loved them, as well as those who never knew them.
To say their names out loud is to bring them back from obscurity.
This is a debt of gratitude for those who came before ourselves.

This Study

This study is dedicated to Joseph Vincent Reilly and Anne Mare Carey. This is a new
and original study. This study has been undertaken primarily for current and future family
members so they too can discover their roots and recognize the efforts put forth by those who proceeded them.

This Information

This information has been researched in length by Anne Marie Vadney. A combination of
documented evidence along with oral family history has been the primary source information.
Even documented information can be incorrect or exaggerated. New information can always change
old information.

Source Information

A debt of gratitude goes to all other researchers and all of those who had the foresight
to write things down and record all manners of information. There are source pages
under An Immigrants Story

Who I Am

My name is Charles Luke. I am the son-in-law of Joseph Vincent and Anne Marie Reilly
This website is a work-in-progress, I have much more information than currently appears on these pages.
I will update the web pages as I receive new and important information.


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